Composable Commerce Guide

Evolve your commerce

Composable Commerce is a software development approach that involves selecting the best eCommerce technologies and unifying them into a single customized application.

This eBook will guide you through the fundamentals of Composable Commerce, allowing you to create an agile, flexible, scalable, and connectable commerce solutions.

Advantages of Composable Commerce

  1. 1.As your business needs change, you can add, remove, or replace components without having to do a complete system redesign.
  2. 2.Since individual components can be changed and reconfigured with relative ease, companies can be more agile in response to new opportunities and challenges.
  3. 3.You can experiment and innovate with new technologies and approaches without disrupting your entire eCommerce ecosystem.
  4. 4.You have the flexibility to create unique and highly personalized customer experiences, something that can be hard to achieve with monolithic eCommerce solutions.
  5. 5.Modular systems can scale more easily than monolithic solutions, as you can add more of a particular component if you need to increase capacity in that area.

Contents of the eBook

  1. What is Composable Commerce?
  2. What are the advantages of Composable Commerce?
  3. For what types of companies does Composable Commerce make sense?
  4. Monolithic platform vs. Composable Commerce
  5. What is MACH?
  6. How are MACH and Composable related?
  7. MACH Technologies
  8. Frequently asked questions before switching to Composable Commerce
  9. Workbook: Is Composable Commerce right for my company?

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