Headless Commerce

All you need to know

Headless Commerce is the separation of the frontend from the backend in an e-commerce application. This architecture allows you to freely design your store's interface, create an omnichannel experience, and provides greater agility for making changes to your eCommerce

This eBook will teach you about Headless Commerce, and you'll learn the process to transform your eCommerce into a scalable and omnichannel platform, optimizing performance to the fullest.

Advantages of Headless Commerce

  1. 1.Adapt your content according to your customers and maintain consistency across all channels with an omnichannel experience.
  2. 2.Facilitate the updating and improvement of your site without affecting the user experience or other components with the separation of the frontend from the backend.
  3. 3.Improve the performance of your eCommerce by placing better technologies on your frontend, which helps increase the conversion rate.
  4. 4.Speed up the implementation of updates, allowing for quick adaptation to consumer demands thanks to the separation of components.
  5. 5.Minimize security risks, better protecting the website due to the separation of components.

Contents of the eBook

  1. What is Headless Commerce and how does it work architecturally?
  2. Advantages of Headless Commerce
  3. Headless Commerce platforms
  4. Differences between Headless Commerce and traditional commerce
  5. What types of companies is Headless Commerce for?
  6. Frequently asked questions about Headless Commerce
  7. Workbook: is headless commerce right for your company?

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