Magnolia is a DXP that helps companies to create and deliver content across multiple channels such as website, mobile app, or IoT devices. It's Headless architecture will allow you to integrate the best technologies into your platform, develop your product in less time and have more control over the user's experience and interface.

Advantages of Magnolia

Headless CMS

Store all your content in a repository and deliver it on all your channels. This architecture will allow you to build the frontend of your platform with the technologies of your choice.

Headless Accelerator

Accelerate the speed of your frontend development by using a large library of ready-to-use components, including headers, cards, shopping carts, and more.

AB Testing

In A/B tests you show different variations of the same page to different sets of users, in order to identify which version has better performance.


Personalize experiences for visitor segments based on who they are, how they behave, and what's happening in the world. Unifies and leverages your data to deliver the best user experience.

Content for Commerce

Connect the Magnolia CMS to your eCommerce to enrich the shopping experience with content. Through content you can create great stories around your products.


Build complete web pages in an intuitive What-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. Select the components you need, configure them as you wish, and place them where you want.

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