We’re here to work for you and with you, to #BoostTogether

This is our story

We were born as a technology company, but we evolved to become an agency that brings together strategy, creativity, design, technology and more.


Four engineer friends, a little bit tired of the traditional business routine, thought of something: Why don't we create a business that is opposite to what we live?

Then the idea of Gluo came to life.


A place where we can do what we like in an environment and team that motivates us and where we feel comfortable.


A place where customers are treated in the right and honest way, always with truth.

The stars lined up and the four friends were called to start a project. They started with zero funds and many challenges;
but with those two goals in sight.


Gluo began to grow rapidly, gain new clients, and became a strong development and technology consultant in Mexico.


Until then, Gluo was exclusively dedicated to development and consulting. But the needs of the market were changing the landscape, and in that year a design team was added to start building what we are now.


Time passed, problems arose, road bumps, ups and downs and complex crises, but now, almost 20 years later, we are more than 100 people committed to a work culture that motivates us, working on projects that move us.