Gluo hosts the second eCommerce Today

27/09/2023 Author: Rafael Gallegos 2 min de lectura
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At Gluo, we held the second eCommerce Today. A space to discuss the challenges of creating and developing electronic commerce.

The event took place on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at the Hyatt Regency Mexico City hotel. More than 55 e-commerce executives from companies such as Liverpool, Miniso, Assa Abloy, Nespresso, Johnson & Johnson, and Sanofi attended.

During the session, new e-commerce trends were addressed, such as the MACH ecosystem, Headless Commerce, and Composable Commerce. Discussions also revolved around the growth of eCommerce in Mexico, the customer journey through physical and digital channels, the importance of omnichannel, the payment process, and the benefits of loyalty programs.

Brands that want to offer the best possible experience to their customers must build agile, flexible, and connectable software architectures that support constant innovation and experimentation. For this reason, in this edition of the event, we gave special attention to MACH technologies. These platforms stand out because they are built with a Microservices, API-first, Cloud Native SaaS approach. Under this structure, the best technologies of their kind can be integrated into a single customized application.

MACH, Headless, and Composable Commerce are new technological approaches that will allow companies to build advanced stores that meet the expectations of today's digital consumer.

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We thank our sponsors, BigCommerce, Contentful, Stripe, and Talon.One for being part of eCommerce Today.


BigCommerce is an Open SaaS e-commerce platform that offers the flexibility needed to build Headless and Composable stores. Its open architecture allows integrating the best commerce solutions into a single custom application.


Contentful is a Headless CMS that allows companies to create highly personalized experiences and interfaces across multiple channels. It offers the flexibility needed to select your preferred frontend technologies and build connected experiences.


Stripe is a leading payment processing platform in the industry. It transforms and simplifies the way you manage and receive transactions, providing a safe and efficient experience for your customers. It minimizes fraud and maximizes the number of reliable payments.


Talon.One is a promotions engine that allows companies to create loyalty programs, point accumulation systems, automatic discounts, all without the need for IT teams, flexibly, and saving time and development resources.

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