Our team

Our team shares the same vision and values. We are guided by our culture, which is based on responsibility and freedom.

This is our leading team, happy people who work hard to put the pieces together.

Jaime de la Fuente

Co-Founder & CEO


Our favorite late millennial (for the record, that’s how he baptized himself). James is our director, adventurous leader, always ready for action and is one of the “most smiley-optimistic club” in the world. By the way, he loves to climb mountains.

Joel Sebastián

Co-Founder & CTO


Joel is our technology guru or in a cooler term, our CTO. Nothing escapes from him, not even a dot. He seems to be serious but fear not, no wonder why we call him Pillo. He is a consecrated pianist and an expert riding electric scooters.

Óscar Meza

Co-Founder & COO


In terms of strategy and operations, nobody beats Oscar, the COO, of Gluo. He’s a Poker Face master, you’d be surprised. So far, we have not met someone who likes bicycles and mountains as much as he does.

Lyssette Flores

People & Operations


The team Gluo’s guardian, our People & Operations leader. You can trust that her comments will always be very accurate. We don’t know someone who loves animals as much as she does, that’s a fact.

Daniela Ávalos



Dany is the calm in the chaos of every project. She is our Delivery lead, when the fire is lit, she puts it out immediately. Full time mom, cinephile and a great friend.

Marissa García

User Experience


The mastermind that runs our entire design practice, our UX leader. Marissa is the one who makes sure that each of the products we build is simple, functional and beautiful. She practices yoga and meditates to free her mind.

Ariel Valles

Administration and Finance


There is no one in Gluo who cooks more deliciously than Ariel, our CFO. He is a pro with excel and in the kitchen. No one hits the playlist better at our roadtrips. An early adopter of technology, make sure to ask him about the latest from Apple.

We are +100 gluers

Here you only see a few faces, but those of us who make gluo are many, many more.


What our collaborators say

The best place to work

Software developer

The best work environment with people with many skills willing to teach you and always support you with a revolutionary work culture

Gluo, one of the best companies to work for

Frontend Developer

100% remote work, where you manage your own time. Good work environment. Excellent Work Culture. You propose your compensation. Food voucher. Major medical insurance.

Excellent company!

UX/UI Designer

It is a tech company like no other. Their work environment is excellent and everyone is very friendly. Their recruitment process is very good, they are always in constant communication.

Proud to be part of Gluo

Java developer

Gluo is a company that anyone would be happy to work for. It works remotely. Culture is something that is emphasized from the very beginning. They give you freedom as long as you are responsible with the tasks assigned to you.

Company with a great culture

UX-UI Designer

Gluo is always looking for it’s people to grow and , so it provides any tool to achieve it.

Excellent environment to grow

Software developer

8 years working from home with the company, their culture and way of working is the best.

Our history

Boost Together

We were born as a technology company, but we evolved to become an agency that brings together strategy, creativity, design, technology and more.

Our history

Four engineer friends, tired of the traditional business routine, thought: Why don't we create something that is the opposite of what we live?

We grew rapidly, gained new clients, and became one of the best development and technology consultancies in Mexico.

We stop being just developers. We open our own UX design area to create unique, simple and functional digital experiences.

We are one of the best digital experience agencies in Mexico. We bring together design and technology to develop great digital products.

Our culture

Our culture is what defines, inspires and focuses us to be better, it is a set of shared beliefs, values and practices and the operating system that gives power to our organization.

We are always close

Proximity to our customers makes the difference. We walk with the client from start to finish in a process of continuous improvement.

We work in small teams

This approach provides agility, adaptability and attention to detail, with the speed to innovate. This is how we can generate reference projects in the market.

We adapt easily

Our framework allows us to create solutions that integrate digital naturally and inherently with any product.

We believe on us

We believe in what we do. We function individually but we do it better as a team. Our values empower us towards success in each project.

We are socially responsible

We are committed to always impact in a positive way on our community and society.

We rock, right?

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