Algolia is a powerful search engine that helps users to find the exact product they are looking for in a matter of milliseconds

Advantages of Algolia


Instantly display results while the user is still typing. 50 milliseconds after typing, the user is already watching results.

Typo Tolerance

It doesn't matter if the user makes a typo in his search, Algolia understands these mistakes and returns results according to what the user wanted to write.

Synonims Recognition

Identify when the user wrote a word that is not registered in your product catalog, but in reality, is a synonym of a product that you manage within your inventory.

Search recommendation

Recomienda posibles términos de búsquedas para ahorrarle tiempo a tu usuario y que pueda encuentrar más rápido el producto que quiere comprar

Search Personalization

Personalize the search of your users. Show the best products for each of your customers and increase the conversion to sale of your online store.

Product Ranking

Decide which products to show first under certain phrases or search terms. In this way you will have greater control of the products that customers see.

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