Why is UX so important in your digital applications?

1/12/2022 Author: Rafael Gallegos 2 min de lectura

UX is important because it helps improve the user experience, retain customers, reduce rework, optimize conversion, and increase sales.

UX has become increasingly relevant in the creation of websites and mobile applications. Internet giants like Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and Google invest millions of dollars in UX to make their products simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.

Consumers who interact daily with the applications of these technology giants have raised their expectations to the point that they take for granted that the experience they have with any digital product or service should be just as good.

Even if your company does not have the same budget and resources to develop great digital experiences, users expect to receive a unique, simple, and different digital experience that helps them solve their needs and problems.

The user expects to open your application and understand simply how it works.

They don't want frictions, slow websites, reading user manuals, or getting lost among so many options. In the face of this great challenge, companies must begin to understand the importance of UX and start generating initiatives to improve the experience of their digital applications.

What is UX?

UX stands for User Experience, and it is a discipline that seeks to create pleasurable, easy, efficient, relevant, and complete experiences for the user.

Have you ever entered a website that freezes, or wanted to perform a specific action and just don't understand how to do it, or felt that a process is too long and complex to perform? This is what we would call a bad user experience within a digital application.

Conversely, have you entered an application that runs quickly, where the process is simple and fast to do, or you have accomplished the desired action without any friction? This is what we would call a good user experience, and it is not a coincidence. Surely, there is a whole team dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to its customers in this application.

A company can benefit in multiple ways by implementing a UX strategy.

Advantages of UX

Create better digital products

By investing in the UX design of your platform, you will be able to create a digital product that meets your user's expectations. In this way, your consumer can perform desired tasks simply and quickly, without any problems in the process.

Retain your customers

When your customers receive a good experience, they return by themselves and recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. A good UX will allow you to retain your customers and have them as promoters of your brand.

Improve your metrics and conversion

As you simplify the processes of your application, you will improve the metrics and conversion of your business. By optimizing your product, you will increase clicks, grow the click-through rate, reduce bounce, and increase the time per session.

Reduce rework

A poorly designed product represents high costs in the future. If your application presents errors, incidents, or is very complicated to use, you will have to redesign it. This means extra hours of designers and programmers. One way to save money and time is to apply UX from the origin of the product.

Increase your sales

UX is not just about generating a beautiful and user-friendly design, but also means a higher number of sales for companies. By improving the experience of your platform, you will be able to retain customers who will repurchase and recommend you to other customers. At the same time, you will simplify the purchase process, thereby increasing your sales numbers.

In summary, UX is important because it helps improve the user experience, retain customers, improve business metrics, reduce rework, and increase sales.

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