Reviews for eCommerce: What Are They and What Is Their Importance?

29/12/2023 Author: Arizbé Ken 9 min de lectura

Reviews in eCommerce have enhanced customer experience by providing valuable information, increasing trust, facilitating decision-making, and creating online communities around products or services offered.

Before the widespread use of reviews in eCommerce, online shopping was characterized by a lack of external information about products. Customers had limited access to unbiased opinions, relying mainly on the seller's description and provided images, which often did not offer a complete view.

This lack of reviews created uncertainty among buyers, who had less assurance about the quality and performance of a product to meet their specific needs. Consequently, the perceived risk of making online purchases was higher.

Trust was primarily based on brand reputation and information provided by the seller, posing challenges, especially for lesser-known brands or new market items.

The absence of reviews made it difficult to compare products from different brands or models, as buyers had fewer reference points to make informed decisions about which product best suited their needs.

eCommerce reviews were created to address these issues and improve sales. Nowadays, a review of the products or services you offer is an effective tool, allowing potential buyers to understand other customers' experiences and make an informed decision before proceeding with a purchase.

90% of users look at product reviews before completing a purchase. And businesses with four or more negative reviews risk losing up to 70% of their consumers.

What Are eCommerce Reviews

A review is a text that offers a critique, opinion, or comment, which can be positive, negative, or neutral, about a product or service. It's a personal text that generally rates the quality of the product and the overall shopping experience.

An eCommerce review is not just a simple comment or rating for a product or service. It forms part of the feedback, evaluation, and firsthand opinion of a customer about a product or service they have purchased.

ECommerce has changed the way of shopping. Since customers do not have a physical product to touch, smell, or try, they look for opinions from other users' experiences.

These reviews usually include information about the product's quality, usefulness, durability, functionality, and any other relevant detail that might help future buyers make informed decisions.

Reviews can be written, include multimedia files like photographs and short videos, or simply a rating. They also offer the chance for users to ask questions, interact with other buyers, and share tips or recommendations, thus creating a community around the products offered by the eCommerce.

For eCommerce businesses, reviews are highly valuable. If the majority of reviews are positive, the reputation and brand image improve, and they act as an incentive for customers to make a purchase.

7 Advantages of Reviews for Your eCommerce

Reviews are useful for monitoring and analyzing customer behavior, while simultaneously responding to their needs.

Here are some advantages your eCommerce receives from obtaining reviews:

1. Improve Brand Reputation and Trust

Reviews provide an independent and authentic source of information about products. This builds trust among buyers as they can base their decisions on other users' experiences.

2. Create a Community and Generate Interaction

Review sections can become spaces for interaction among buyers. Customers can ask questions, share experiences, and offer advice, thereby creating a community around the products.

3. Influence Purchase Decisions 

Reviews significantly influence consumers' purchase decisions. Positive reviews can increase the likelihood of a customer purchasing a product, while negative ones can deter them from making the purchase.

4. Provide Valuable Feedback

Reviews offer direct feedback to sellers about their products. This allows you to better understand customer needs and expectations and identify areas for improvement.

5. Aid in SEO and Positioning

Search engines value user-generated content, which can help product pages stand out in search results.

6. Act as Free Advertising

Reviews can also serve as effective, cost-free advertising to attract new customers.

7. Contribute to Content Creation

They can stimulate your content marketing strategy. Take new ideas from the multimedia content uploaded by your customers.

Reviews are advantageous for eCommerce because they build trust, influence purchase decisions, provide valuable feedback, improve online visibility, foster user interaction, and add transparency and authenticity to the online shopping experience.

How to Request Reviews for Your eCommerce

Requesting reviews for your eCommerce can be an effective strategy to gather genuine opinions from your customers. Here are some ways to ask for reviews ethically and effectively:

  1. Post-Purchase Follow-Up Email: After a customer makes a purchase in your online store, send a follow-up email thanking them for their purchase and kindly asking them to share their experience with the product or service through a review on your website or external platforms.

  2. Pop-Ups or Banners on the Website: Use pop-ups or banners on your website to invite users to leave a review after making a purchase or after interacting with your platform for a specific time. Ensure these requests are non-intrusive and presented in a user-friendly manner.

  3. Incentives for Review: Offer incentives like discounts, coupons, points, or other benefits in exchange for honest reviews.

  4. Requests on Social Media: Use your social media platforms to request reviews. Post messages asking customers for their opinions on their purchases or experiences with your brand, and provide direct links where they can leave their reviews.

  5. Gentle Reminders: If you don’t receive an initial response to your review request, consider sending gentle reminders after a reasonable amount of time. However, avoid being overly persistent or annoying in your requests.

Always remember to respect your customers' privacy and comply with current privacy and data protection regulations. Additionally, it's important to accept and respect both positive and negative reviews, as both can provide valuable information for improving your business and customer experience.

Use Reviews to Connect with Users

Reviews are a powerful tool to connect with users and improve the reputation of your eCommerce. Here are six strategies for effectively managing reviews and building positive relationships with your customers:

  • Quick and Grateful Responses: Respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative, as soon as possible. Thank customers for taking the time to leave their opinion, which shows appreciation for their participation and reinforces the relationship with your brand.

  • Managing Negative Reviews: Address negative reviews promptly and kindly. Offer solutions or help to resolve any issues the customer may have experienced. This demonstrates commitment and a willingness to resolve issues.

  • Interact Using Social Media: Social media platforms can be an extension of your customer service. Respond to inquiries, comments, or complaints from customers in a public and resolutive manner. This shows transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Set a Satisfaction Goal: Focus on maintaining a high percentage of positive reviews in relation to the total. This will help you maintain a quality standard in service.

  • Patience and Empathy: Handle criticisms with patience and kindness. Avoid reacting negatively to unfavorable reviews. Listen actively and show empathy to understand customer concerns.

  • Don't Persuade for Positive Reviews: Instead of asking customers to leave positive reviews, focus on providing exceptional service and effective communication that naturally motivates customers to share their positive experiences.

Remember, managing reviews is an opportunity to improve and maintain your business's reputation. Consistency in offering excellent customer service and paying attention to their needs can be the key to receiving more positive reviews and strengthening the relationship with your customers.

Reviews are key elements in a business's credibility, so by providing excellent service to customers, you can ensure they speak well of your business.

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