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About the project

UVM is one of the most important private universities in Mexico. For more than 60 years, they have educated more than 100,000 students through 30 campuses around the country. We developed its educational portal Alianzas UVM, a site to share articles, news and vocational tests for middle and high school students.

Content Creation

UVM wanted to generate vocational content within their website for middle and high school students. This with the objective that students know their own abilities and interests and thus be able to choose the best course of life and professional career.

For this they needed a tool that would allow teachers to create articles, quizzes and events. All this autonomously and without depending on the development team. Otherwise, creating new content within the site would be a slow and unproductive process.

The solution was obvious, they needed a CMS that would allow them to create, edit and distribute new content to effectively communicate and stay present with the student community.

CMS Implementation

The Adobe Experience Manager content manager was successfully implemented on the UVM site.

We created the Alianzas UVM subsection within the main site so that teachers could upload new content in this section. As a result, teachers can create articles and vocational tests simply and quickly.

Interface Design

Our design team created the interface of the site respecting the brand identity of the university. In addition, ready-to-use content templates were designed and developed. In this way, teachers can only fill in text fields to create new content on the site, without having to design new pages from scratch and respecting the same design style throughout the site.

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