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About the project

Grupo Posadas is one of the largest hotel chains in Mexico. They operate and manage more than 120 hotels with more than 20,000 rooms around the country. Our team designed and developed your new Fiesta Rewards loyalty site.

Loyalty Program

Grupo Posadas had three loyalty programs for it's frequent customers: Fiesta Rewards, Preciare and Motiva.

However, the experience of their rewards sites was not up to the expectations of their guests. The process to reserve a hotel room was complex to understand and it was difficult to use the accumulated points to make purchases of products.

So they decided to carry out a total redesign of their loyalty program, with the purpose of improving the experience of their clients, and managed to increase the number of reservations and registers on the site.

UX Research

Our UX Research team carried out an entire investigation on the experience of Grupo Posadas' loyalty programs.

User testing of the rewards sites was done to understand which steps in the process could be simplified for the user. In addition, they investigated loyalty programs of other hotel chains to learn about the functionalities, design and experience offered by competitors.

UX Design

After analyzing and understanding the status of loyalty programs, our designers created the new Fiesta Rewards digital experience.

The three loyalty programs were unified into one. We managed to simplify the steps to make reservations and purchase products through the site. In turn, improvements were made to the interface design of the platform to make it visually more attractive.

By following these steps, we achieve the most important thing, deliver a better user experience

CMS Implementation

Liferay was implemented on the Fiesta Rewards site so that the marketing team could generate new content, pages, and articles without relying on the IT team.

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