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Composable Commerce is a software development approach that involves selecting the best eCommerce technologies and unifying them into a single custom application.

Under this architecture, your e-commerce can be built by multiple components. Where every component is pluggable, scalable, replaceable, and can be continuously improved.

Best-of-breed technologies

Composable offers multiple facilities to combire the best-of-breed technologies to your e-commerce through APIs and microservices. In this way, your company can have the best search engine, the best CMS or the best personalization engine.

Customize your digital experience

Composable architectures allow you to implement Headless Commerce. This structure separates the frontend from the backend of your e-commerce, giving you greater freedom to design the experience and interface of your platform.

High scalability and performance

Being a cloud-based software, the system can automatically increase its capacity to be support traffic spikes or high numbers of requests at the same time. Managing to keep your site always online.

Speedup software development

By adopting a component architecture you will be able to use the most advanced programming languages, libraries and tools on the market. As a result, your team will be able to develop modern digital products in record time.

Reduces maintenance costs

Composable Commerce are based on Cloud Native SaaS technologies. Which means that your platform lives inside the manufacturer's servers. The costs of updating and maintaining the software are fully assumed by the provider.

Omnichannel Commerce

Connect your eCommerce to multiple channels such as websites, mobile applications, smart watches, virtual reality devices or screens in physical stores. Manage all these channels easily from a single platform.

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We are an eCommerce Agency with over 20 years of experience in the market.

We specialize in Headless and Composable Commerce. We create flexible, connectable, and scalable businesses that elevate your user experience.

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