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Headless Commerce is the separation of the frontend and backend of an eCommerce platform. In this architecture, the backend sends information to the frontend via an API, allowing the frontend to use this data to present it to the user on the screen.

This software architecture provides the necessary flexibility to deliver content to multiple channels, freely design your user interface, and enhance your commerce capabilities in less time.

Convert your commerce to omnichannel

Reuse texts, images, and videos across multiple channels such as website, mobile app, in store screens, or smart devices.

Personalize your digital experience

Make your brand stand out from the rest. Create your own visual identity without having to follow pre-established templates. Design unique and unrepeatable interfaces with your preferred frontend technologies.

Innovate faster

The frontend and backend teams can work independently, without fear of impacting each other. Achieving rapid development of new capabilities, to ultimately just connect both parts.

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