We implement the best UX Design practices in your e-commerce

We design the complete experience of your digital commerce to simplify the purchase process for your customers

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Optimizamos la experiencia de tu eCommerce

La experiencia que ofreces a tu cliente es lo que te diferencia de tus competidores. Una buena experiencia de compra hará que tus clientes regresen, te recomienden con sus conocidos, y sean fieles a tu marca.

Mientras que una mala experiencia te hace perder clientes y ventas potenciales. De aquí la importancia de cuidar el UX de tu sitio.

Para elevar la experiencia que das a tus usuarios, optimizamos tu comercio electrónico de acuerdo a más de 1,000 lineamientos de Diseño UX y 80,000 horas de investigación de usuario.

UX Design

We design your eCommerce to exceed the expectations of your users and provide them with a superior shopping experience.

UX Research

We carry out multiple user research techniques to find out the perspective that your customers have regarding your online store.

UX Audit

We evaluate your site according to the best UX practices for eCommerce, to detect areas for improvement in the design of your platform.

We evaluate, design and optimize the key elements of your e-commerce

Homepage y navegación

Design and user experience of your homepage, the main navigation, drop-down menus, category pages, custom and subcategory pages, the overall site taxonomya and general site-wide navigation.


Accepted search types, search logic, autocompletion, results logic, results page, results filtering and sorting.

Listado de productos y filtros

Product listing, loading products, product listing, product thumbnails, product customization, product filtering, products comparison and sorting of products.

Customer account

Login, user dashboard, password reset, credit card update, newsletter subscription or change of address.

Product details page

Product page design, images, videos, galleries, descriptions, return policies, "add to cart" and user reviews.


Add to cart, customer information and address, shipping, store pickup, checkout, payment method selection, credit card form, order review, order confirmation, checkout page, cross-selling, error messages and checkout design.

Mobile version

Touch interactions, main menu access areas, image zoom, mobile search, keyboards, and design deviations between mobile and desktop.

Estamos certificados en UX para eCommerce por Baymard Institute

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