Gluo holds third eCommerce Today

28/02/2024 Author: Andrea Arreguín 2 min de lectura
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On Wednesday, February 21, 2023, the third eCommerce Today was held at the Presidente Intercontinental hotel in Mexico City.

During the event, the growth of eCommerce in Mexico was highlighted, and the importance of adopting MACH technologies (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) was emphasized. These technologies represent an advanced software architecture that seeks to integrate the best available technologies into a customized and cohesive application.

Furthermore, the topic of Headless Commerce was addressed, which involves the separation of the frontend and backend on eCommerce platforms. This separation favors omnichannel, allows for greater customization, and simplifies the implementation of changes on the platform.

The concept of Composable Commerce was also discussed, a software development methodology that consists of selecting the most effective eCommerce technologies and combining them into a single customized application. This approach promotes flexibility and adaptability in the digital ecosystem.

The relevance of developing advanced tactics for optimizing payment processes and improving search engine performance, crucial elements for competing effectively in the current digital landscape, was also highlighted.

We had presentations from Jaime de la Fuente, CEO of Gluo; Paulina Ortiz, eCommerce manager of Nielsen IQ; Tatiana Ortiz Loyola, Independent eCommerce Consultant; Luciano Giavedoni, Support Manager for Prospects and Clients, commercetools; Emma Cruz, Growth Stripe; Chris McCann, Senior Director of Sales Americas of Contentstack; and David Zuazua, Sr. Territory Manager Latina America of Algolia.

We were joined by companies such as Rotoplas, Farmacias San Pablo, Alpura, Elektra, Coppel, and KFC. We thank all the attendees who joined us during the event and our partners Algolia, Commercetools, and Contentstack who supported us in making our third eCommerce Today a success.

This event is one of our actions to support the growth and development of eCommerce in Mexico.

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We thank our sponsors, Algolia, Commercetools, and Contentstack, for being part of eCommerce Today.


Algolia is a powerful search engine that helps users find exactly the product they are looking for in milliseconds.


Commercetools is an e-commerce platform designed to develop Composable Commerce. Its software architecture is based on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless), which will allow you to integrate the best digital commerce technologies into a single customized application.


Contentstack is an API-based HEADLESS CMS that allows users to create and manage content simultaneously and independently, to quickly build websites and applications.

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