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About the project

ASSA ABLOY is one of the largest manufacturers of locks, doors, gates, and access solutions in the world. We developed their B2B eCommerce for online sales to distributors, integrating the brand into the digital market, accelerating the purchasing process, and, of course, increasing its sales potential.

ASSA ABLOY wanted to open its Sales Portal

Typically, for a B2B customer to close a purchase, they need to make multiple calls, emails, and meetings with their salesperson, which is a slow and bureaucratic process that only delays the sale.

Therefore, ASSA ABLOY was looking to create an online portal where their customers could place orders quickly and easily, without the need for a sales representative to intervene in the process.

BigCommerce was selected as eCommerce platform

They needed a B2B eCommerce where buyers could view the catalog of products available in inventory, add items to the shopping cart, and make the corresponding charge to their line of credit.

In addition, they needed this B2B eCommerce to respect business rules, such as purchase permissions for each user, available credit line per company, and prices per client.

After analyzing multiple eCommerce platforms to create their sales portal for distributors, ASSA ABLOY decided to implement BigCommerce. This technology has multiple B2B commerce capabilities that adjust to the specific needs of their business.

We designed the digital commerce experience

Our UX designers created the interface and experience of the ASSA ABLOY online store, based on a long series of B2B eCommerce design guidelines and previous user research.

To achieve the proposed experience design and comply with the brand guidelines, we edited a BigCommerce template at the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript levels.

We connected BigCommerce with the ERP of ASSA ABLOY

One of the biggest technical challenges of the project was to connect ASSA ABLOY's ERP with BigCommerce. To achieve this connection, we created a Middleware.

This Middleware collects inventory data such as products, prices, and availability, as well as customer data from the ERP, and then sends this information to BigCommerce. Additionally, the Middleware sends the orders placed in the eCommerce platform to the ERP for approval and shipment.

We launched the B2B commerce online

Now ASSA ABLOY customers can place their orders online quickly and easily, without having to constantly contact their salesperson.

The users place massive orders using CSV files

One of the advantages offered by BigCommerce is the ability to place bulk orders through CSV files. This reduces the time it takes for buyers to select hundreds of products when placing a large order.

Customers can pay with their line of credit

Users can make purchases using the available credit line of their company.

Price list for each client

Each client has access to different prices according to the prices previously negotiated between ASSA ABLOY and the buyers.

Each buyer has different roles and permissions

There are multiple levels of buyers with different roles and permissions. For example, purchase amount and available credit.

SAFe methodology was followed for project management

The SAFe methodology allowed us to efficiently manage the project from beginning to end. This style of work helped us align the development team with the business goals and ensure high quality work.

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