What is Talon.One and what is it used for?

22/05/2023 Author: Rafael Gallegos 4 min de lectura

Talon.One is an engine that allows launching personalized promotional and loyalty campaigns for businesses (Loyalty Plans, Discount Points Accumulation System, 2 for 1 Deals, etc.) without the need for computer teams.

What is Talon.One and what is it used for?

Talon.One is an engine that allows launching personalized promotional and loyalty campaigns for businesses (Loyalty Plans, Discount Points Accumulation System, 2 for 1 deals, etc.) without the need for IT teams, flexibly and saving development time and resources.

Its technology allows customizing and automating campaigns to offer good experiences for customers.

With a focus on automation and ease of use, the Talon.One platform allows you to click on simple rules to create promotional campaigns.

And it not only works for online campaigns, but also for offline campaigns; it is useful for promotions on websites and mobile apps as well as for promotions in physical branches!

Companies such as Adidas, H&M, Reebok, and Domino's Pizza have used the Talon.One platform to create more personalized and scalable promotions.

Talon.One History

Behind Talon.One is Christoph Gerber, who has founded several tech companies.

When founding his previous company, Lieferando, he discovered a gap between marketing and development teams when it came to executing promotions agilely across different channels.

To address the above issue, Talon.One was founded in 2015, and its solutions have propelled it to become the leading promotion engine for scaling businesses and companies.

Talon.One has helped to close the gap between ideas and effort, allowing rich promotional campaigns at scale, without code.

Throughout its history, global companies such as Adidas, H&M, Reebok, and Domino's Pizza have trusted the Talon.One platform to create their promotional campaigns.

What are its Advantages?

  • Enterprise-Level Performance and Security

  • Secure cloud servers on all continents

  • Built-in security measures against coupon fraud

  • 100% uptime for all clients over the last two years

  • Provides easily scalable loyalty solutions for global brands such as Adidas, Carlsberg, River Island, and LiveNation.

¿Qué es Talon.One y Para Qué sirve?

The security measures against coupon fraud are one of the most notable advantages of Talon.One.

Success Stories

ADIDAS Personalized Coupons


Adidas operates globally with over 2000 own stores and 14,000 franchised stores.

As consumer personalized experience is one of Adidas' strategic focus areas, promotions that cater to the specific attributes of the customer play a key role in their mission.

Talon.One has helped Adidas achieve its goal of building long-term relationships with consumers through personalized online promotions (coupons and discounts), initially for their operations in Canada before being implemented worldwide.

With Talon.One's Rule Builder, Adidas will be able to generate millions of personalized coupons. Adidas will be able to easily verify the details of their coupons, seeing codes, usage, creation date, validity, identification numbers or any additional attribute assigned.

REEBOK Reward Coupons


As Reebok runs a wide range of promotional campaigns, they needed a scalable third-party tool to accelerate the process of creating and executing their promotions.

In the first phase of collaboration, Talon.One supported Reebok with coupons and referrals.

Talon.One enabled Reebok to generate millions of coupons with unique attributes that offer the right coupon solution for each customer.

Talon.One's referral feature is helping Reebok reward both the promoter and the referred customer in the way they see fit. They only need to see what most attracts their customers (cash, points, benefits, gifts, discounts, etc.).

JUSTO Calculations and Discounts


Jüsto is a delivery-only grocery store in Mexico.

The company quickly found success in 2020 and has become the leading online supermarket in Latin America.

They offer high-quality products to customers and doorstep delivery.

Talon.One helped Jüsto to:

  • Manage products exclusively by their marketers

  • Offer easily customizable coupons that could be tracked

  • Have a variety of promotional functions for future campaigns

  • Handle complex cart item calculations and discounts.

HOSTELWORD Credit System


Hostelworld integrated Talon.One alongside their legacy system, which allowed them to iteratively redirect data points and rebuild their credit system.

Customers accumulate points for purchases and interactions, they can then "withdraw" their credits as a coupon code with an assigned value.

Now developers don't have to build any infrastructure and can make large changes quickly, while the finance team has a simple reporting system for each credit that is stored or redeemed.

Talon.One helped Hostelworld to:

  • Migrate data from the legacy system to custom attributes in Talon.One

  • Rebuild their entire credit system and simplify its management

  • Reduce their technological debt significantly with a fast integration

  • Boost productivity in the development and finance departments

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